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Our females


Ariel alpaga femelle blanche

Niconick Ariel

ARI : 32656190   CAN : 43970

Born June 29 2011

2014: AFD 17.5μ, SD 3.7μ, CV 21.4%, >30 : 0.5% Ariel, on her 4th shearing in 2015, Ariel had a micron < 17 μ and

she gave a total of 12,5 pounds of fibre with a Comfort Factor of 100%

Ariel was bread to  Xanadu P Esteem in 2017. There is no doubt that the cria to come will be wonderful!


Supreme Champion Expo Montmagny August 2013
Reserve Champion color Navan August 2013
2nd place AO Spring Show April 2014
1st place Jugement Alpaga Québec, April 2014
1st place Navan August 2014, composite



Alpaga-femelle-brune-BellaAdore Bella

ARI :  32233674  CAN : 41515

Born May 28 2010

Bella is a very maternal female even with the crias of other ones. This beautiful brown girl has proven in the past her ability to produce beautiful brown and multi-colored females.

Bella has been bred to Adore Sultan, a nice silver grey in summer 2017.






Chantou-Alpaga-femelleAdore Chantou

ARI : 35044352   CAN : 46661

Born July 22 2014


2016: AFD 19.6 microns,SD 3,6, CV 18,3, >30 : 1.5%

Chantou is a very sweet female who likes to give kisses. He fleece is very dense and has a special very light fawn with a wonderful pinky touch!


This beautiful female was bred in summer 2017 to Adore Renoir, comme back to see what these two will give us!





2nd place, light fawn,  Alpaga Québec 2016



Alpaga-femelle-noireIdeuma Creek's  Lucy

ARI: 32737226  CAN:ZPC48194

Born August 2nd 2016



2017: AFD 19.6μ, SD 5.3μ, CV 26.9%, >30 : 5.1%

Lucy our true black has a very bright fleece. She is very sweet and will look at you with loving eyes.


Her first breeding will be in the summer 2018 with Mack, our other True-black. Guess what color we are trying to reproduce!


2nd place, Alpaga Québec Halter 2018



Alpaga femelle grise Windy

Ideuma-Creek Windy

ARI :  32737288  CAN : 48195

Born June 23 2016

2017: AFD 18.1μ, SD 4.5μ, CV 24%, >30 : 2.5%

Our beautiful Windy with her very long silver grey fleece is the sweetest ..... 

Windy will be bred for the first time this summer with our handsome Mack.




3rd place, Alpaga Québec  2018


Alpaga-femelle-beigeAdore Lumina

ARI : 32580518   CAN : 44818

Born on July 3rd 2013

Lumina is a very good mother and also like to warn all the others when a stranger gets near the field. (bird, cats etc)


Her light fawn fleece is the ''in'' color for natural knitting.


After beeing bred to Accoyo Harazim from Alpagas d'ici, Lumina gave us a very promissing mâle in 2017.